More Data, Less Effort!
Product Registration For The 21st Century

Consumer Product Business? We help you better understand your market and gain more data by simplifying, enhancing and incentivizing the product registration process for your consumers.

Learn how you can start capturing valuable customer data.

Why Us

Stop flying blind and start making data driven decisions!

Simplify Registration

Replace clumsy processes that historically slow down the product registration process and give your post-purchase customers the ability to register their products within 30 seconds or less.

Know Your Customer

Capture unique dynamics and build accurate multi-dimensional customer profiles that include dimensions like product ownership, income, location, email, gender, and more. Build brand loyalty by providing a more meaningful product experience.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce your postage fees and the cost to handle physical registration cards. Also Reduce customer care costs up to $15 through cross functional team collaboration, rich customer profiles and product ownership information at your helpdesk’s fingertips.

Increase Revenue

Convert customer engagement into revenue and realize the value from your data much faster than current methods by more accurately targeting customers based on past purchase behavior and user preference.

How It Works

A simple platform that does powerful things.

Sign Up with Us

  • Input products into dashboard
  • Create unique call-to-actions
  • Choose registration & forum template page

Simple Registration

  • Consumers input their info once
  • Mobile & website registration
  • Can access products from any device

Harness Your Analytics

  • Receive analyzed reports of your customer’s buying habits
  • Instantly send out recall notifications & firmware updates
  • Manage the full lifecycle of consumer interactions with your brand

Enhance Support

  • Instantly access detailed customer profiles
  • Build cross functional team collaboration
  • Effectively send out recall notifications & firmware updates


Warranty Ninja scales with you. We offer a wide range of tools for business of all sizes - at any stage.

Simple Start

  • Ninjanalytics Dashboard
  • Mobile & Web Registration
  • QR Code Creation for 3 Products
  • Basic In-App Product Specific Features
  • Recall Notifications
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  • All Features from Plus Package
  • Unlimited QR Code Creation for Products
  • While-Labeling
  • Reputation Management
  • Call In-Take Management
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We’re a team of 4 entrepreneurs based in Detroit, Michigan who are building the future of product registration. We’re extremely passionate about changing the way consumer product businesses engage with their post purchase customers. If you’re interested in joining our team, please click here.

Jerry Rucker - CEO

Jerry has 10 years in the web development and project management field. He has built 100’s of websites and has a knack for business branding.

Eddie Carrington - COO

Eddie has over 10 years in the finance industry. He is highly effective at establishing strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service, and operations information.

Tifani Sadek - CLO

Tifani is an attorney with over 7 years’ experience in corporate law. Besides acting as general counsel for small business and startups, she advises on business development and capital raising.

Jon Liebertz - CTO

Jon has over 15 years’ experience in business technology innovation, direction, and management. Many of his recent projects involving data sciences, genetic algorithms, and secure business data platforms provide key real world experience to the WN team.

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Learn how you can start capturing valuable customer data.

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  • +1 866 7 NINJA 6